This website is a collection of historical community newspapers from The Emmitsburg Chronicle dating back to 1879 and The Carroll Record dating back to 1894. It is provided as a service to the community by Eric. E. Glass and The Taney Corporation.

On this website, you will find a collection of pages from both newspapers that are viewable by month and year (under Browse) or with more advanced search options (under Search).

Take a step back into local history and browse through a combined 55,777 pages of archives from The Emmitsburg Chronicle, The Carroll Record, The Weekly Chronicle and The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch!

The Emmitsburg Chronicle

The Emmitsburg Chronicle began publication on June 14, 1879. In our archives, we have papers from June 14, 1879, to December 25, 1908. After a 40 year hiatus, the paper resumed publication from Auguest 17, 1948 to March 2, 1977.

We have collected 20,906 pages of The Emmitsburg Chronicle and 6,470 pages of The Weekly Chronicle for your viewing.

The Carroll Record

The Carroll Record was published from July 7, 1894, to June 22, 1967. We have collected a total of 25,870 pages of The Carroll Record for your viewing.

The Weekly Chronicle

The Weekly Chronicle was published from 1909 – 1918. We have collected a total of 6,470 pages of The Weekly Chronicle for your viewing.

The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch

The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch was published from 1993 – 2008. We have collected a total of 2,331 pages of The Emmitsburg Regional Dispatch for your viewing.